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This website is the current location being used for the Pete Meadows Baseball Program as we complete an overhaul of our new online presence couple with our newly minted training objectives.

After 27 years, Coach Meadows has done a complete review of the exact needs of the clients he is serving. This overview finds that the training programs offered need to be enhanced to include skills specific to player recruiting and promotion. Five years ago, Coach Meadows realized that in the coming days, offering standard training in hitting and pitching will still be great for the 1st-through-6th graders, as this age bracket maintains have a tremendous need for such skill direction. But with the acceleration and competitiveness of recruiting, and the fact that players are today verbally committing to colleges earlier and earlier, Coach Meadows saw that in order to give his clients an advantage, changes needed to be made.

He commissioned that a new technology be researched and developed by which parents in ALL sports, not just baseball and softball, would be able to use his unique recruiting strategy (one that has seen his training program aid over 200+ local kids in the colege performance and recruiting process, as well as having an average of 4.5-players per year from his personally coached high school teams go one to college or professional baseball) to help their players get optimal exposure and then use this exposure to leverage the best recruiting opportunities.

This software is now complete and available for use today. And it is accompanied by personal training and consultation, in both its ease of use and from the strategies needing to be employed by which to maximize its use.

To enhance each player's development and post secondary opportunities beginning in 2015 forward, Coach Meadows will be centering the training for 7th-through-12th grades upon the core skills most sought by college and professional scouts. This above and beyond the current mechanical and approach strategies already being taught. The emphasis will be on sprint times, velocity and arm strength, and core strength and agility. All of which can be viewed tangibly through video. These improvements in this areas will be captured on video and posted to each player's custom  YouTube channel. A new feature, the customized YouTube channel will allow the player to publish videos that can be viewed on YouTube, Google, Bing, and Yahoo  search engines, further expanding each players overall exposure and branding. The channel itself is highly optimized to rank for the key search terms 

For all players, this offers an opportunity by which to quickly upload key training and performance clips via their smart phone devices, to save for later review or for Coach Meadows' review. So it becomes a training platform. Later, the progression will help to serve in the recruiting process as you will learn through Coach Meadows training and instruction.

For players in grades 9th-through-12th, Coach Meadows uniquely blends the player skill development, YouTube channel, and software by having the these athletes channels inset in a national smart phone app which will be marketed to NCAA, NAIA, and Junior college coaches across the nation. This is for ALL sports and will be a feature designed to be delivered in April 2015.

To enhance the experience for all players and coaches locally, in all sports, Coach Meadows will be launching "SkillTraxTV". SkillTraxTV is designed to be a fun way to solidify a player's local branding through a uniquely different cable television production, while at the same time especially creating the core video footage for the upper-class-men looking to be regionally promoted for college recruiting. Each show will be archived on the eventual final version of the SkillTraxTV website, as well as be included in the promotion of the SkillTrax player app, downloaded by college coaches nation-wide.

To simplify all of these features, including the personal training, customized Training & Recruiting YouTube Channel, discount software access, discount final recruiting video production, player channel placement in the national coaches app, age specific placement in the SkillTraxTV local cable video production, and more, Coach Meadows' new name for this all encompassing training package is called the "SkillTrax Program."

See more about the SkillTrax program details here.
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